Meet the Team

Nelson Brake Services sales and office team have a combined experience of over 60 years in the automotive industry, ensuring the person you speak to can assist in finding you the correct products first time every time.

We offer a full workshop service, our team in the workshop has a combined experience of over 70 years in the automotive industry. The team is qualified and specialise in under car repairs and maintenance.

Nelson Brake Services Team

Craig Hughes|Nelson Brake Services

Craig Hughes

Craig is the Workshop Manager and has 30 Years industry experience.  Craig deals with all the cables to be fixed or made from new.  He does all the bonding of brakes pads.

In his spare time Craig competes in Motor Cross Events with his son Jack. He also enjoys tramping and mountaineering.

Contact Craig in the Workshop for more information


Peter Green | Nelson Brake Services

Peter Green

Peter has been with Nelson Brake Services for 10 years.

He is a qualified A-grade Mechanic. 

Peter's hobbies include working on old cars and watching motorsport.

Contact Peter in the workshop for more information



Trent Roberts

Trent Roberts

Trent has been with Nelson Brake Services for 30 years

His hobby is Basketball.

Contact Trent in the workshop for more information.



Mark Stirling

Mark Stirling

Mark has 33 years industry experience.

His hobbies include downhill mountain biking, tramping.

Contact Mark in the workshop for more information.

Quentin Harwood|Nelson Brake Services

Quentin Harwood

Quentin is the Parts Manager and he has 29 years in this industry.  He has a extensive parts knowledge in the Brake and Clutch industry.

Quentin enjoys Rugby and a lot of other sports.

Contact Quentin in parts for your parts enquiry.

Ian Ford|Nelson Brakes Services

Ian Ford

Ian works in the Parts department and has 35 years experience within this industry.

He enjoys Football and other sports.

Contact Ian in Parts for all your parts enquiries.

Kathy Thomason|Nelson Brake Services

Kathy Thomason

Kathy has been with Nelson Brakes for 5 years.

Her hobbies are Photography, Camping, Speedway and Offroading.