Clutch and Brake Components

Disc Pads

We are suppliers and installers of various types of  brake pads. With a large range in stock, there should be a pad to suit your requirements. If not, a larger range is available over night. You can visit the catalogue to see what you require here.

Brake Shoes

We stock a large range of both standard and oversize shoes. From older vehicles through to the most recent, if we don't have a set for your vehicle we can re-bond your old shoes.


From Master cylinders to Slave cylinders, clutch or brake. We have a vast range of cylinders in stock and available over night. Have you been told your cylinder is unavailable? If we can't get you a new one, we can get your old cylinder re-sleeved.

Cups and Kits

We have a large range of Cylinder and Caliper kits available off the shelf for most common vehicles. If not available, our vast range of single cups will see the job done. We also have Mineral Seals available.  

Brake Hoses

From the common to the not so common, we have a full range available off the shelf. We can also manufacture Brake hoses for you while you wait. We can manufacture both rubber and braided brake lines which are certified for NZ road use.

Disc Rotors

With Disc brakes on all modern vehicles, the disc rotor has become one of the most commonly replaced parts in a braking system. With our Disc prices ranging from $35 + GST retail per Disc, why would you risk your safety on a worn Disc rotor?

Clutch Kits

From direct replacement clutches to the ultimate high performance, we are the people to speak to about your gear changing needs. Direct replacement clutches are available off the shelf, along with separate clutch plates, covers and release bearings. With Nelson Brakes being the Nelson agent for Exedy. To find the correct clutch for your car click here.

Cable & Cable Ends

We have inner and outer cable, the smallest to the largest sizes listed. We are direct importers of cable ends to the New Zealand market. With a large range and thousands of ends in stock, we can supply ends for any automotive brake and clutch cable.

Brake Pipe and Fittings

We have a full range of brake pipe from 3/16" (Standard Brake Line) to ½" available, and all the fittings to get your job done.

Lining Material

At Nelson Brake Services, a large range of lining material is available to line almost anything. From brake Shoes and winch bands to suspension discs for Austin Sevens, if it's made from friction material, we can manufacture it.

Brake Hardware

You know all those little bits that get broken or lost? We stock a large variety that is available off the shelf.

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