Flywheel Machining

The Nelson Brake Services workshop has a specially designed machine solely for grinding flywheels. Where some companies advertise flywheel machining, most of these are done on common bench lathes. This is not the correct way to machine a flywheel. In order to get a smooth finish a flywheel needs to be ground. Our flywheel machine is designed to grind the flywheel as it is mounted flat, eliminating variation in the grinding and producing a smooth finish. Most clutch kit manufacturers will not offer a warranty unless the flywheel has been ground to manufacturers’ specifications.

Disc Machining

Our workshop has two specially designed lathes for machining Discs and Drums, and one solely designed for machining Discs on the vehicle. All Discs have a minimum allowable thickness, for safety reasons they cannot be machined past this point. A Disc rotor can usually be machined twice before it needs to be replaced. All Disc rotors that pass through our doors have the minimum checked at the Discs thinnest point, ensuring that the Disc rotor leaves our building safe and as smooth as a new one. Having smooth Disc rotors when fitting new Disc pads will increase the braking surface over a grooved Disc rotor, eliminating Brake shudder and allowing this part of the vehicles braking system to perform at its best.

Drum Machining

Our Workshop has specialized machinery to Machine your Drums.  We can machine anything from Motorcycle drums right through to big truck drums.  So come and see our specialized team.

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