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Servo & Cylinder Overhauling

At Nelson Brake Services, we have a large range of cylinder and calliper kits in stock, but we also have a range of power brake repair kits and seals. Our qualified workshop staff has the experience and technology to overhaul and repair almost any form of brake or clutch booster. Whether it is a small remote booster, or a large commercial air chamber, as long as it can be disassembled we can repair it. Along with our repair kits, we have a range of aftermarket remote boosters available as well. Also available is standard sized vacuum hose.

Honing & Polishing

All cylinders being overhauled should be honed and cleaned before new seals are fitted and the cylinder reassembled. Not only does this give you a fresh smooth, clean surface before assembly, but also gives a fair indication of whether the cylinder is any good or not. For cast iron cylinders a three-legged hone will do the job fine. However for alloy cylinders, being a softer metal, should only be honed with a ball hone. This ensures the honing process wont scratch or damage the bore.


When overhauling cylinders and callipers, the bores and pistons need to be smooth and scratch free. More often than not a replacement cylinder or piston is available. However, in the case of older cylinders and handbrake calliper ‘pin bores’ re-sleeving can be the only option. All re-sleeving is done in stainless steel and a re-sleeved item usually ends up stronger and lasting longer than the original.

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