Rebonding and Relining | Nelson Brake Services


A large part of the Nelson Brake Services workshop is solely dedicated to our Re-Bonding and Re-Lining services. Our years of experience in this field, combined with the correct machinery and product range allows us to Re-Bond almost anything. Whether it be the smallest of Motorbike shoes, to clutch plates, bands or just Brake shoes you can’t buy new anymore. Sometimes it is a cheaper and easier option to get your item Re-Bonded, than to try and find a new replacement. Nelson Brake Services is the only company in the area that provides a Re-Bonding service.


Our selection of lining material, and truck linings, coupled with our large variety of rivets, and our specialised riveting machines gives us the ability to reline anything that either doesn’t need Re-Bonding, or cant be Re-Bonded. All of this combined with our relationships with other bonders around the country means that if its got lining material on it we can Re-line it, or we have the contacts to get it Re-lined.

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